Work together with a friend to repair your alien spaceship before it explodes!

This game won 3rd place at Global Game Jam 2018's Playcrafting NYC site.

Load size/time warning
This game is a totally unoptimized prototype and has a lot of large assets to load. I recommend starting the game, clicking through until you get to the screen with the timer, and then waiting until the background and all the floating images show up. Once they're loaded, refresh the page so they load immediately from your browser cache.

Playing for real requires stereo headphones that let one person listen to each side.

- The left channel repeats the name of an alien spaceship part. The player's job is to repeat the part's name out loud so their teammate knows what they're looking for.

- The right channel says the name of each part when you mouse over it. The player's job is to find and click the part that matches what their teammate is saying.

- Get all 6 before time runs out to win!

Team Neila Scinahcem
Blake Balick-Schreiber
Kira Boettcher
Ryan Giglio
Corey Jeffers
Steven Xia

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